A caged bird sings….

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Photography by Rosie Ward 2008 Hair Make -up? and that wicked Jacket are all Sam Shaw Styling, Cheers love!

The Faiah Comes To England

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Introducing Freddy Faiah From Denmark an Artist complete just like me these shots are from Big Chill Bar, Bristol http://soundcloud.com/freddy-faiah


Performing live is the best thing ever. DSC00347

The Faiah representing on the beats and M.I.C for my performance for BMF Urban at Metropolis, Bristol. Gosh, golly, oh my! The outfit I am wearing in this pic is by stylist own in Bristol. Go Zena!

Davide Farabegoli

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164851_484148846878_585456878_6483557_5621834_n…..More moments from Italy coming out of the woodwork. Me and Sean are performing here at the beach bar Dune…. what an amazing evening….. watch more beautiful moments at? http://www.davidefarabegoli.com