Bunker Hill x 2, Novi Sad, Serbia – Photography by Shmizzl

Send me your photos and get them published on zionflex.com and credited like Shmizzl did? Please send your images of me to zionflex1@gmail.com. Many Thanks. These were taken over a series of two performances.?In these photos I am performing with Butchaa Messenjah, Zoran, Dread Killaz and Ras Milenkost at Bunker Hill.

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Channel Zero – Dub Lab – Zion Flex, Ljubljana, Slovenia photos by Petra ?vajger

My camera went missing this night.

IMG_9142 copy

Almighty Father God please bring more photos me to publish I Jesus name I pray with thanks. Amen. I am very thankful Petra was there to capture it? though. I patiently await the photos from out there.


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