#WorknotPlay (I heard it all before)

February 01st, 2018 Comments are off for this post

Listen, I’ve heard it all before….

When you asked me to perform but don’t want to pay fees? Are you asking the plumber to fix  your boiler for free? No, it’s not any different. He has his job and I have mine.

You claim you can’t pay me because the bar has overheads. What about my overheads?  My business card, recordings, the website, merch, musical training, instruments, promotion that was all free right?

When your charging on door and you think it’s ok not to pay me because it’s an “investment”. If it’s an investment then where’s my return?

When you in insult me in one breath and in the other ask me to do charity work with another. Yes, it’s emotional blackmail.  Sorry, I can’t offord to do anymore charity work. If you really cared about charity you‘d be paying me. Let me decide what to do with my own wage.

If I have to hear one more time  “Oh we’re a collective and we are all equal” then find I out one person is being paid and I am not. So good  for equal then.

If I have to hear  “Oh, this will be great “exposure”. And the “exposure” doesn’t pay the bills, or rent, cash does.

Everyone has a had a drink but when I get ask “Sorry, there’s no budget” what I can’t even get a coke?  Your having a laugh right? **** this night.

Can I at least get glass of cold water on the stage. I’ve been performing for over an hour. I am a singer and I am still waiting.

Or “But why should I pay you?” “It’s free right?” What’s free? Air? So, I am supposed to live on air alone?  I’m hungry in these streets. I know dogs that are treated better.

When people you work with claim to be your “friends” and say that they are “helping you out” but when you want to do something socially they are suddenly not available.

Or “Can you perform?” “By the way can you pay your flights, hotel and your own food and There’s no payment.”

There’s a full club, everyone’s drinking and at the end of the night when you ask to be paid and suddenly there’s  “no money”.

When you ask to be paid and someone tells your ungrateful and you don’t deserve to paid. But YOU’VE done THEM favours in past. What are you the Queen? I should be honoured then? For the great gift of playing for free.

Or as soon as you ask “Where’s the money?  They decide to get saucy because I value my work. So why did YOU ask ME to perform again?

Why don’t just get a proper job. Umm this is my job, why don’t you just pay me for my labour?

So you clowned me for wanting to get paid and   the night went whack without me.

But your just a MC? Hell naw.

Phone line goes dead ….