Zion Flex debuts her empowering new album ‘We Got This’ on June 2nd. The 10-track album, produced by Def Ill, focuses on themes of female empowerment, celebration and dissent after suffering mistreatment.

Zion Flex, formerly from Bristol, UK, is now based in Vienna, Austria. With her soulful vocals and insightful rapping, she aims to uplift, inspire and provoke through songs like ‘Kommando’ and ‘Lean’. This album gives voice and power back to women after facing oppression.

‘Drawn’ features a menacing beat as Zion Flex addresses injustice and corruption with uncompromising lyrics, reclaiming strength and autonomy. ‘Protest’ and ‘Front’ showcase her ability to rally crowds through hard-hitting anthems calling for change and resisting silencing.

The confrontational ‘Rudeclub’ and abrasive ‘Rudeclub Skit’ give voice to Zion Flex’s raw anger and rage against the systems that undermine women, as well as those who have tried to break her spirit.

Zion Flex and Def Ill will ignite the flames of empowerment at the album launch event at Banc Public records on June 2nd. Limited edition USB albums will also fuel the message of revolt, resilience and self-love after oppression.

We Got This‘ is a landmark album, elevating and amplifying voices of  a single woman after facing injustice. Zion Flex’s defiant lyrics and Def Ill’s dynamic production combine to create an uncompromising anthem of female empowerment. Zion Flex proves that hope, power and unity can emerge even from darkness.

LISTEN – and witness the rise and roar of a voice that WILL NOT BE SILENCED.