Zion Flex is a singer-songwriter from Bristol. Heavily influenced by hip hop, trip hop and bass music. She returns with new music from her latest release ‘Queen of Herz’ created in Austria.

Singer-songwriter, MC and DJ. Bachelors of Arts in Content Creation for Broadcasting and New Media.
Genres: Hip-Hop, Pop, Alternative, Electronic. Bass heavy music with vocals from the UK. Living transformer, high energy performer, everlasting battery.
Releases: Compact Discs, Queen of Herz (2018), “Hypervigilance”(2011) with producer, Pastelcase. “The Eau” (2010) “An Exercise in Scales and Balances” Debut acoustic album with Tom McAllister with Tom McAllister (2009). Collaboration with Roots Manuva for track ‘Change The Way’ for Cre8 Project (2002)

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